Strange Laws in different countries

This is not what I'm searching for. Written on 07-05-2010 by Renate

It is common knowledge that the US is the country with the strangest laws. Over the years the different states have written laws that may seem a little strange in current times. But how about the rest of the world? Other countries too have written some laws that, to many people, are just too weird or funny. Some of the strangest laws in the world are listed below.


  • Every woman wearing trousers in Swaziland riscs punishment or having her trousers pulled of and ripped apart by soldiers.
  • Young girls are not allowed to shake an adult male’s hand.

United Kingdom

  • On sundays it is forbidden to sell most goods, with the exception of carrots.
  •  It is illegal to get drunk in a bar or pub!
  • It is illegal to have sex in the same house, when a third person is present.
  • If someone is caught breaking a boiled egg on the sharp end, he risks 24 hours of retention in the so called village stocks. This is a medieval wooden board of disgrace. 


  • It is illegal to wear pink hotpants on a sunday afternoon.
  • If you want to swim in Brighton Beach it is obliged to wear a swimsuit that covers the parts from the neck to the knee.


  • A man can be arrested for wearing a skirt.


  • It is illegal when clear or non dark soda’s contain caffein.
  • When it rains you are not allowed to sprinkle your lawn.
  • It is illegal to climb trees.
  • At least 35% of the music played on the radio must be Canadian.


  • It is forbidden to hang out your clothes for drying on a sunday.
  • It is forbidden to wash your car on a sunday


  • Throwing away chewing-gum costs $600 in Thailand, if caught in the act.
  • Your are obliged to wear clothes on your upper body when driving a car.
  • You are not allowed to leave the house if you are not wearing underpants.


  • It is forbidden to sell chewing-gum in Singapore.
  • Pornography is illegal.
  • You are not allowed to walk around naked in your own house, given the fact that this is considered pornography.


  • In Sweden prostitution is legal, but making use of this service is illegal.


  • During the celebration of New Year’s it is not allowed to use waterpistols.


  • Restaurants are not allowed to charge anything for water, unless they make use of additives like ice-cubes or a part of lemon.

As you can read in the text above, strange laws have been written in countries all over the world, with the aim to maintain order in that country.


This is not what I'm searching for.
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