Nannie Doss, American serial killer

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Nannie Doss was an American serial killer who, in all probability, has killed eleven people. In the media, Nannie Doss is also known as the "Giggling Granny", "Jolly Black Widow" and "Arsenic Annie". In this article you will read everything about the killing wife with the eternal smile.

Nannie Doss's youth

Nannie Doss was born in Blue Mountain on 4 November 1905 as Nancy Hazle. Very little to nothing else is known about her youth.

The murders Nannie Doss committed

In all probability the Giggling Granny has taken the lives of eleven people in the time frame from 1920 until 1954. She killed most of her victims by poisoning them. In total Nannie Doss has confessed to ten of the eleven murders, and for the eleventh murder it's still not entirely clear whether Nannie has truly committed it.

Giggling Granny's victims

  • Robert Lee Haynes, died on 7 July 1945 from suffocation. He was Nannie Doss's grandson, born in 1943.
  • Robert (Frank) Harrelson, died in 1945 from arsenic poisoning. He was Nannie's second husband.
  • Haryley Lanning, died from arsenic poisoning (date of death unknown). He was Doss's third husband.
  • Harley Lanning's mother, also poisoned with arsenic. Her date of death is unknown as well.
  • Dovie Hazle (date of death unknown). She was Nannie Doss's sister and was killed by suffocation.
  • Richard L. Morton, died in April 1953 from arsenic poisoning. He was her fourth husband.
  • Loulisa Hazle, died in January 1953. Nannie murdered her mother with a high dose of arsenic.
  • Samuel Doss, died in October 1953 from arsenic poisoning. He was her fifth husband.
  • Her two daughters. Date of death unknown; they were most likely poisoned with arsenic.
  • Robert Hazle, date of death unknown. He was Nannie Doss's cousin and met his death by suffocation.

Arrest and trial

After the death of her fifth husband in the year 1954, Nannie Doss was arrested. After several heavy interrogations she confessed to having committed eight murders, amongst which the murder of her fifth husband. During the trials, Nannie was asked why she had committed the murders. Strangely enough Nannie had no violent tendencies which caused her to start killing. The murders were mostly committed because at one point the persons were irritating Nannie to such an extent, or because they disturbed her too much while she was practising her hobbies. At those moments she couldn't stand her victims any longer and decided to kill them.

Imprisonment and death

The judge finally imposed a life imprisonment on Nannie Doss for the murder of Samuel Doss, her last husband. She was never charged with the other murders, due to the fact she would die in prison anyway.

In 1965 the Giggling Granny passed away during her imprisonment from the consequences of leukaemia (blood cancer). Shortly before her death she told her guard that she found it a pity the kitchen staff had never accepted her offer, because she had offered to help if there was a shortage of staff in the kitchen. It seemed as thought she was very disappointed by this.

Nannie Doss's nicknames

In the media, the serial killer Nannies Doss was mostly known as the "Giggling Granny", "Jolly Black Widow" and "Arsenic Annie". Nannie owed the nickname Giggling Granny to her never ceasing mood, which was always splendid. Everyone who ran into her, whether it was in the streets, during an interrogation, her trial or while serving her sentence, experienced Nannie as giggling and cheerful. Time and again she made jokes and acted as though nothing had ever happened.


This is not what I'm searching for.
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